Hostel rules:

  • Respect the other guests, the staff and the hostels accommodation.
  • Shoes are not permitted on carpeted and hardwood floor areas. Please keep your shoes in the designated shoe rack near the reception area or keep them with you in your room.
  • Please strip your bed(s) of fitted sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase and leave them in the laundry basket in your room before you check-out. Please ask a staff member to provide you with new bed sheets if necessary.
  • Quiet hours in the dorm rooms are between 22:00 and 08:00, be respectful of your fellow travelers, keep your phone on silent and don’t have phone conversations in the dorm room during quiet hours. Do not play movies and music loudly during quiet hours and please use headphones.
  • Clothing must be worn at all times in common areas, i.e. halls, dining room & kitchen.
  • No sex in the dorm rooms.
  • Please be considerate and clean up/keep your belongings in a designated area for other guests to enjoy the space. Guests must clean up after themselves and wash their own dishes in the kitchen and dining room. Be considerate of others and clean up after yourself in the bathroom after every use.
  • Leaving during the day? Please draw your curtain over your bed and keep your belongings in a tidy manner in your dorm room.
  • Do not smoke or use fire in the building, Electronic cigarettes are also forbidden, you will be fined for activating the smoke detectors.
  • Do not use alcoholic drinks in the rooms, excessive alcohol use is forbidden in the hostel.
  • Drugs of any kind are not permitted at the hostel or within 6 meters / 20 feet of the property.
  • Guests who express any type of prejudice will not be tolerated. Guests with anti-semitic behavior will be asked to vacate the property without a refund.
  • People who are not paying guests are not allowed in the rooms. At night external people are not allowed in the building. Please make sure the front door is closed properly after you enter and don’t let anybody in you don’t know or who doesn’t have the key-code.
  • The staff is allowed to ask for a deposit.
  • Please respect other guests food in the fridge, don’t take other people’s food, free food is clearly marked in the communal kitchen.
  • The hostel reserves the right to charge the credit card details with which the reservation was made if an outstanding balance is due to the reservation.
  • The hostel is equipped with CCTV on all exits, shoe rack and kitchen to ensure safety at the hostel and to help police investigate crime and theft.
  • The police will be notified in extreme cases of misbehavior and in all cases of theft.

The motto at Vibrant Iceland Hostel is:

“Good Vibes Only!”

Feel at home!

We have strict rules to insure a quality stay for all of our guest. These rules are made to help all of our guests feel at home when they are travelling and staying with us. We all need to pitch in and do our part to make in an awesome stay. Please respect them and remember, GOOD VIBES ONLY!